Payment methods

Paypal Express Checkout
Payment by PayPal does not require an user account on the site. The delivery address (which you can edit when you make the checkout) will be received from Paypal account when payment is made
Credit or debit card payments
The system allows payment using the most popular card types (Visa / Master Card / etc) quickly and safely. If the card has a different currency than euro, then the payment will be made using the card currency at the exchange rate of the bank issuing the card.
Bank transfer
Payment by bank transfer is based on proforma invoice. Please send us an email with proof of payment.
All online payments are processed safely, on the websites of secure payment processing services (PayPal / MobilPay / Braintree).
*If you have any difficulty do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form or at one of the phone numbers displayed on our website.

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